Top 5 Worst Tattoos (Love Edition) – RANKED

Top 5 Worst Tattoos (Love Edition) – RANKED

Even if you’re in love, you better
think before you ink. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Goooooood Mythical Morning!
– Love is in the air! I’ve got my love hoodie on. Link has
his regular jacket on. And what better way to say, “I love you,” than to have
something permanently etched onto your skin. We know from experience that
that’s a great way to say, “I love you,” because we’ve done it on our butts.
Well, we tattooed our wives’ names on… – …our buttocks-es.
– That video is available on the… – …Internet that you’re currently on.
– Yes. So feel free to peruse over there, uh…
whenever you want to. – (laughing)
– But right now, we’ve got important… …things to get to because tattoos are
arguably the most lasting way to show… – …devotion. But they also could be…
– Yeah. – …a really bad idea. So today, we…
– Often they are. …decided to determine what is the worst
tattoo ever tattooed in the name of love and then put on the Internet? Let’s do it.
It’s time for another edition of RANKED! – (whoosh and pavement cracking)
– (Link) Worst tattoos in the name of love. As you can see, we’ve got the Ranked
board behind us with 5 slots. We’ve gonna – fill ’em up and sort ’em out.
– And in order to make an unbiased… …decision, we have asked five crew
members here to present what they think is the worst tattoo ever in the name of
love, are we’re going to start with Chase. – Okay, put it on the X there.
– (Rhett) In the Spot of Consideration. (Chase) So, yeah. There’s a lovely heart
there, which makes it a beautiful love… – …tattoo. But you can see the heart…
– Yes, I see. – …made out of earbuds. Uh-huh.
– (Rhett) Earbuds. I see that. – (Rhett) I don’t understand it, but…
– And the writing is great. – …I do see it.
– (Chase) I say, “You are the Best… – …Ever Thing Happened to me.”
– Actually, I’ve never said that. – You say that?
– Every day. It’s my mantra. (Rhett) But “You are the Best
Ever Thing…” – (Chase) “Eva Thang.”
– (Rhett) Maybe there’s a y under there. – (Chase) “The Best Thing Ever?”
_ (Rhett) “You are the Best EveryThing.” (Chase) “You are the Best Thing Ever
Happened to me.” (Rhett) But there’s no “that.” I really
think it was “You are the Best Thing Ever Happened to me,” and there’s just
not a “that.” I think that’s where… – …we’re at.
– Earbuds are the best thing that ever… – …happened to him?
– This is the best — you know you get… – (Chase) Music-listening device?
– …good pair of headphones? – (Chase) Yeah!
– And you’re like, “Man, these are the… – …Best Thing Ever Happened to me.”
– (laughing) – That happens to me.
– Yeah. I think the, um… The second best thing that ever happened
to this person was the tattoo. – (Chase) Yeah.
– That’s pretty clear. The person’s… also sunburned or, like, suffering from
poison ivy or something. (Rhett) Or like rosacea. This is a
bad tattoo on several levels. – I will say that.
– I’d say all of the levels. – (laughing)
– (Rhett) All the levels. – Let’s just throw it up…
– (Chase) Number 1. – …you wanna just go for 3?
– (Rhett) Yeah, why not? – No, let’s not go to number 1 yet.
– Okay. But yeah, it’s confusing, it’s pink,
it’s big. And it’s bad. – We’ve moving on to — oh, gosh.
– Who’s this? Drew? – This is mine.
– Is this on your body anywhere? – That’s a personal question.
– (crew laughing) – And no, it’s not.
– That’s not your yellowish butt cheek? – But butt cheeks aren’t that yellow.
– (laughing) (Drew) They are yellow,
but not that yellow. – You don’t have jaundice.
– All right, what is this? What are we… – …looking at here?
– All right, well, I chose this one… …because of the various mistakes that
are in here. So the tattoo was supposed to say, “You’re the petal
to my rose.” (Drew) But the “your”
is the incorrect your. – Yeah.
– Common mistake, but when it’s… – …on a tattoo.
– (Drew) A common mistake. You don’t wanna do that on a tattoo,
’cause tattoos are permanent… – They are.
– …as we’ve discussed. Well, if you make a mistake, you can just
cross through it… – (Drew) You can!
– …and write over it. Yeah, this is like a writing assignment
for someone, where they crossed out… “pettle” because “petal” was spelled
incorrectly. But don’t worry. They put an asterisk and the correct
spelling of “petal” above it. – (Rhett) Well, that clears it up.
– And if you’re gonna cross this… …out, why not also cross this out
and correct that? – Because they don’t know that’s wrong.
– (Link and crew laughing) – Exactly.
– (Rhett) I really don’t know where to… – …go with this one.
– And it looks like garbage. – P.S. It looks like garbage.
– Yeah, it looks like a crumpled-up… …sheet of paper, upon which was sketched
a really stupid idea for a tattoo. I would say it’s got one acknowledged
error, one unacknowledged error, and then – a semi-beautiful rose.
– (laughing) – (Drew) It’s just a tattoo of [hers].
– So where does that put us? This is going above this because…
it’s just… It’s a bad idea that failed.
This is just a bad idea — – Well, it failed, too.
– Yeah. – And that rose is so pretty.
– (Drew) I don’t know. It’s kinda trashy. – Those headphones are top-notch, though.
– (laughing) I say we go for 2 for now.
I’m just feeling like… – (Drew) Yeah, you made a good choice.
– …we should go to 2. – I mean, anything can change, Chase.
– I know. – (Link) There’s a lot to be heard.
– (Rhett) All right. Stevie! (Stevie) So, a little bit of a different
direction for this one. As you can see… …there are two arms featured in this
photo, which means it’s a couples tattoo, in which both people in the couple get a
tattoo that matches in some way. So I see the sentiment here, which is
like, “We fit together like puzzle pieces.” The problem is literally none of these
pieces fit together in any kind of way. – (laughing) Really? Okay, yeah.
– (crew offscreen laughing) (Stevie) If you take what looks like a
Microsoft PowerPoint presentation gradient off of one of their arms and
try and put it in the hole, gaping wound part of the other one,
it’s not going to fit. (Link) This should go in there is what
you’re saying? – (Stevie) Correct.
– (Link) And this should go in there. Or, literally, you can try to match them
up in any kind of way and they don’t fit. It doesn’t make sense, does it?
‘Cause these are holes. (Link) Why do you need holes at all
when you can just say, – “We fit together.”
– The thing that I don’t get is… …when you go get a tattoo, I think you
talk to the tattoo artist and you’re like, “Do you understand… roses?
Let’s talk about roses. Let’s sketch it out together.”
But this dude was like, “Hey, do you get puzzles?” And he was
like, “Well, yeah, kind of. I might get ’em.” And they were like,
“Great! Let’s do it on both of us!” But do we know for sure that this
is a tattoo and not actually just… – …skin that was cut?
– I’m not gonna take away points… …for that. I’m just gonna take away
points for just the idea. Why not just have puzzle pieces that
fit? I say put it at 4. (Rhett) To me, the real reason this
doesn’t work is because if I just see this person by themselves, it looks
like, “Hey I cut out a piece out of myself and just put it on my arm
and it doesn’t match.” – (laughing) Yeah, right. Right.
– You know what I’m saying? (Rhett) In isolation, each arm is really
embarrassing. – Right.
– “No, wait until my girlfriend shows up, and then you’ll understand what
we were going for.” – Or you won’t.
– Even though you won’t. – (Rhett) Right. You know what I mean?
– (laughing) (Link) Exactly. So that’s pretty stupid,
but I don’t think it… There’s so much wrong here and here.
I don’t know. You wanna displace one… – …of these or just go with 4?
– Let’s — you know what — I just feel like these headphones are
so compelling. Yeah, there’s some cool stuff
going on there. I mean, the more I look at the headphones
one, the more I’m thinking about… – …talking my wife into getting one.
– (laughing) – I should’ve gone last.
– Who do we have next? – Lizzie.
– Koala-lover. – That’s me.
– (Link) Ooh, look at this. (Rhett) Miley Cyrus, the tattoo,
or the nipple? Uhhh… – Let’s go with the tattoo.
Okay, the tattoo. Got it. – (Lizzie) Yes.
– Miley Cyrus under the right… – …armpit. Taking up all of the…
– (Lizzie) Yeah. – …real estate.
– Yes. So obviously love sometimes… …is not necessarily a realtionship.
It can be the love of a fan. This man loves Miley Cyrus. This
is a 40-something-year-old man. – Mhm.
– I can tell by the nipple. (Rhett and Lizzie) That is a
40-something-year-old nipple. It does not look anything like Miley
Cyrus. It looks a bit like Han Solo… …once he’s frozen in the table in
Star Wars. And then… – Carbonite.
– Yeah. Sure. – She just called it the table.
– (laughing) That coffee table they… – …froze him in.
– I knew it was Miley immediately though. – Really? It looks like a Walking Dead…
– (Link) Yes. – …zombie to me. It’s bad.
– Well, I bet if you put his arm down… – …she would assume proper Miley shape.
– (laughing) All right, well, I anticipated that it
might not win you over right off the bat, so I’d like to present exhibits
B through H… – (Rhett) Uh-oh.
– …which [show] the fact that he… – has 28 other Miley Cyrus tattoos.
– (Link) Do we have a bailiff or something? – Alex, you can hand ’em over.
– (Lizzie) Please, bring them to… …the court. They’re beautiful. He has
29 total tattoos. (Rhett) I’ll put each one in the Spot of
Consideration just very briefly. – (Lizzie) Yeah.
– (Rhett) Here’s the man himself. – (Lizzie) Mhm. Good-looking…
– (Link) Miley Cyrus. …40-something-year-old British man.
He’s spent $4,000 on these tattoos. – (Link) Whoa.
– (Rhett) That looks like the girl from… – …The Exorcist.
– (Lizzie laughing) That does not look… – …like Miley Cyrus.
– That definitely doesn’t look like… – …Miley Cyrus. It looks like a…
– (Lizzie) No. – …demon lady.
– She’s just being Miley. This one says, “Miley.
The Movement. A Strategic Hot Mess.” – I almost kind of like that one, but…
– (laughing) – This one is tasteful.
– (Lizzie laughing) The real problem… …is that when Miley saw the tattoos, her
comment was that they were creepy and ugly. And that switched a light on for
poor Carl McCoid and he realized that… …maybe he had made a mistake and that
true love did not rain for him and Miley. – Was this on a date?
– No He’s not allowed within, like… – …100 yards of her.
– (laughing) – Oh, officially.
– (Lizzie) I would guess. So your argument, basically, is that this
is one bad decision in a string of bad decisions that did not accomplish
their stated goal of impressing the… – …woman that the tattoos are of.
– No. Yeah. – You have a very compelling argument.
– I am sad. – Just like your koala argument earlier.
– I’m gonna say a little better, though. I will say, though, that we are judging
the tattoo, though. The tattoo in its context, yes. But this is just one of many
bad tattoos. Let’s consider the tattoo… – …on its own.
– (Link) It’s a pretty good bad tattoo. It’s tough to do that kind of tattoo.
It’s really tough. Trust me. But, I mean, in general. I doesn’t
interfere with the nipple. That’s tasteful. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– I don’t know. Lizzie, I’m sorry… – …but I think that…
– It’s hideous! – …it’s pretty obsessive. I don’t know.
– Well, you know what? – I’m still loving this one.
– (crew offscreen laughing) – Are we loving this?
– So push that to 5. – And you just put this in the 4 spot.
– Can you give me number 4? – (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
– Chase is like, “I’m not even…” Just begin asking to have things
moved around. Wow, Chase. Moved to the end.
All right, there’s an open slot and there’s an open argument from
Mr. Edward. Eddie. – (Link) Look at this, Rhett.
– (Eddie) I present to you guys this… …full-faced tattoo. That’s just one
half of… – Her face?
– …the whole face with the word… …”Ruslen.” “Rooslen, Rooslen.”
R-u-s. On the other side it’s l-e-n. – Did it kill her?
– No, she’s fine. She’s still alive. – Are you sure?
– (Eddie) She made it through. It definitely looks like a crime-scene
photo, doesn’t it? – Good gosh! Ugh! What?
– “Ruslen” is the name of her… …boyfriend who she met in a chatroom
on the Internet, and after meeting him in Moscow for the first time, got his
name tattooed on her face within… – … 24 hours.
– Not just on her face. – Hold on. Within 24 hours?
– It became her face. – Within 24 hours: full-face tattoo.
– (Rhett) Must be good chatter. – They had never met in person.
– No. Just through chat. What? This is such a…
This is a really bad idea. – But, it’s a really good tattoo!
– (Rhett) You mean the craftsmanship. Okay, I’ll give it to ya. Without a doubt,
best craftsmanship of all the tattoos… – …so far. Now, hold on.
– (Eddie) Mm. Oh, yeah. After 24 hours. But what’s the status of
the relationship now? – They’re still married to this day.
– (Rhett) They’re married? – I mean, what was he gonna do?
– (laughing) – (Rhett) He’s like, “I gotta
marry her now.” – (Eddie) “All right, bye!”
– Or just run. – “Nice meetin’ ya.”
– Now, what if this guy had tattooed… – …Miley’s face over his face?
– Well, that’s, I mean… – That would be a winner!
– Yeah, definitely. – Does anybody have that?
– Lemme call him. I think he… – …might be on board. Yeah.
– Miley’s face over his face. Okay, so I feel like this is, without
a doubt, the worst decision that was made on all these tattoos, right?
Any type of face tattoo. However, he… – …may have been a great chatter.
– (crew offscreen laughing) They’re still married. And, as Link
pointed out, there is some incredible… …craftsmanship in this tribal-isn
sort of gothic deal that… – …I don’t know what I just said.
– (Eddie) Gothic script. Gothic script thing that’s happened
on her face. – And I bet it’s not bloody anymore.
– (Rhett) No, not anymore. But there’s a potential for this to
become horrible when Rus quits chatting. – (laughing)
– Yeah, it could happen. When they quit chatting and they’re no
longer together. I feel like it’s gotta be at least 4. This is a great tattoo.
We’ve established this is a great tattoo. Nothing wrong with this at all.
Keep that at 5. – That’s my vote. Put this…
– Yeah! – (Rhett) Let’s put that at 4.
– Oh, no! – Move mine ahead.
– Now we’ve got a Miley that we gotta… – …figure out.
– He can cover up his Miley tattoo. – You can’t cover up that face tattoo.
– No, he cannot cover them all up. – There are 29 of them.
– Look at it! It’s on her face, man! (Rhett) But craftsmanship: it isn’t great.
It is a beautiful rose, but it’s not great. Two errors: one acknowledged, one
unacknowledged. That’s right. Yeah. I like where
this is going. Once these come together, you’re
kinda like, “Oh, that’s sweet. Never… – …would do it, but that’s kinda sweet.”
– This is easily hidden. (Link) It’s either this is number 1,
I don’t know. – Wow, I’m touched.
– Okay, what about this? I just wanna make the case…
I mean, this tattoo, while it may have some good craftsmanship, you can’t
get away from this tattoo. And think about it: it’s the dude’s name.
I’m just trying to bring myself back into reality at this point. Even if it
does have a cool font, it’s still a dude’s name that you met in a chatroom.
So what if you married him. Everybody who talks to you and interacts
with you knows about this, like, “Ruslen. Who’s that?” “Well, lemme
tell you the embarrassing story… – …about this.”
– (Link) Okay. Are we settled on this? I’m sorry, Ruslen, but I just think your
girl made a bad decision. And I think we’ve made the right
decision today. – Here it is!
– The worst tattoo in the name of love ever. – On the Internet.
– Thanks for liking and commenting — I’m sure you’ll let us know what you
think — and subscribing. Share this… – …video with the people that you love.
– You know what time it is. My name is Sarah and I’m from Warwick,
Rhode Island. And it’s time to spin… – …The Wheel of Mythicality!
– We’re doing something new on our… …Instagram: YOUsdayTuesday. That’s when
you use #YOUsdayTuesday and then we find that and we may repost your picture
if we think it’s worthy of reposting! Click through to Good Mythical More.
Mobile users, click the “i.” It’s convenient. We’re gonna explore
tattoos of our Mythical Crew. (Rhett) “Link is very shy.” – Hey, Link?
– Eh, don’t… I’m not here. – I was just gonna tell ya, I…
– I didn’t know you were. here. – Just pretend I’m not here.
– I was just gonna say I think the way… …your, you know. Your haircut’s really
settling in. It looks like Miley Cyrus, I know.
On that tattoo. – I was thinking it the whole time.
– Your hair, yeah, looks a little bit… …like Miley. But I was just thinking
that. I wasn’t gonna say that. (stammering) Don’t… You don’t have…
I’m just not even here. Can you make that face that she makes,
where she sticks her tongue out and puts her teeth… Can you do that and
we’ll see just how much you look like her? Yeah. Oh, wow. That’s just like her. [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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