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How to Reupholster an Office Chair

Hi, I’m Clara from Online Fabric Store. Giving your office chair a makeover is an easy way to bring personality to your workspace. Of course there are many different styles of office chairs, but this one is pretty typical. Since the back and bottom cushions are separate, it’s a simple project with no sewing required.

10Gb Home Network (P1) – Introduction

Welcome to the first video in our Ten Gigabit Home Area Network Series. I’m going to cover five major points why it is finally time for ten gigabit networking at home, and the small business office. I’m going to be brief and realistic as possible. Then in the following video I’m going to show you

timeQplus Biometric: How to add an employee

timeQplus Biometric: How to add an employee

All right, now what we’re going to do is show how you add an employee to the software. So what we’re going to do is I’m going to click on this top line. We’re going to enter in the user’s name. In this case, we’re going to use “John Smith.” We type that in and

How to Make a Desk with Hidden Wireless Charging

How to Make a Desk with Hidden Wireless Charging

What’s up guys, I’m Brad Rodriguez from Fix This Build That and today I’m going to show you how to make a desk with hidden wireless charging I’m also going to show you a tip on how I install this metal copper inlay into the desk. Stay tuned I’ll show you exactly how I did


Data Entry with Auto Ascending and Descending

welcome to excel world of knowledge, subscribe my channel and press the bell icon for latest videos so friends today we will learn how to auto reset a data in Asecneding and Descending order when ever you put a number in excel it will automatically arrange data according i have few number hear, i will