Small Business Week, Scaling a Family Business, & Marketing | #AskGaryVee with Chase for Business

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43 Replies to “Small Business Week, Scaling a Family Business, & Marketing | #AskGaryVee with Chase for Business”

  1. Good episode. But the production makes it feel weird. It just feels uptight. Also, what's with the fuzzy lighting, are you trying to be angels?

  2. I love this format of receiving entrepreneurs who are IN ACTION. I love individual calling because they speak to a lot of people but working with my Mum and having the same questions as Brent for his business and hearing the discussion makes everything FASTER. Thank you Gary & his team at Vaynermedia immensely.

  3. I fucking love this content. I don't care that it's sponsored. This is quality shit. Let alone the practical advice coming from Gary AND another apparently reasonably smart person on these real-life examples, just the opportunity to see how a company of Chase's size thinks so up close is fascinating. The potential here is huge. I hope this goes on in the future.

  4. Interesting. As entrepreneurs, we have to take care of every aspect of our business. Check eMINDSCLUB is a great place for business-minded people.

  5. I think with blue collar jobs you have to offer part time positions for the kids who want to keep some of their time free pursuing other things (whether or not those other things take off). No one wants the nine to five anymore, especially in the generation coming up.

  6. Hi, I am deaf, can you put accurate subtitiles on this video and rest of your videos that don't have subtitles. Thank you!

  7. Hey Gary, you probably won't see this because this is a bit old, but the has been my favorite ask GaryVee set with a guest, not too much banter, awesome guest, sweet for us to get to know this business owners. Good stuff, keep it up!

  8. This was wonderful; to see real business owners succeeding and getting practical advice, allowing a more in-depth analysis of their situation, and Brent was hardly interrupted at all!!!! There's an engaging interplay and balance between Gary's energy and Brent's sensitivity. More Brent please.

  9. Great conversation with small business owners. Hope you do some more shows like this Gary. It’s also good to see Chase continuing to work with small business.

  10. The host should turn it down a little, he seems really talented but needs to allow for others to talk. I haven't watched any other episodes, but if there anything like this, then my advise for a better show would be to get more experts and having the host take more of a mediator position. Gary your really talented and have a lot of energy, turn it down a little and take a back seat, at least try it once!

  11. most trade jobs are dead end jobs. they don't pay enough money to live a decent life, and it
    also breaks down your body. but your going to get a van. lol only the owner of the company
    makes all the money. the workers get nothing.

  12. To answer Brent's questions: What Chase can do to help SMBs – is provide flexibility when it comes to opening a bank account. Most national banks want to charge a monthly fee or set minimum balance for having a business checking account. Having to pay a monthly fee when you are just getting started isn't feasible. That's why I always go with a local bank – they don't charge or have a minimum balance requirements – they understand the struggles of a small business.

  13. Love the Italian Pizza Story! I'm from Argentina, and here is all Italian food, because this country was made by immigrants from Spain and Italy. But here we perfected the pizza, and add new flavors. I was at Italy and Spain, but here in argentina we tune up all the food cause the mix of immigrants and the abundance of food.

  14. Boom! 🔥 best ask GV yet! Answer to the question is: BANKS SHOULD HOLD MICRO NETWORKING EVENTS THAT CATER TO SMALL BIZ AND THEN INVITES SMALL BIZ INTO AN INVESTMENT FUND SET ASIDE. Banks can determine the amount in this fund under the same principles that VCs do. This would give SB owners opportunity to pitch, receive funding and not have an investor breathing down their neck. A savvy bank would open a panel of experienced biz ops and investors to offer guidance, advise and appoint the funding to SBs that prove worthy.

  15. Second time I've watched this. 1st time was when I just heard of Gary and now when I've learned some things. Great content. Really hits home. Be nice to see more episodes like this. Went to Saverio's web page and FB and it felt like I knew them. Hope they get a second location.

  16. Banks/ chase should advertise they fund a P.O ..manage it if they are not doing it already, Without exhorting huge fees and create a working system to boths advantage.,making them the go to rather than v.c's and retain equity…that's just 1 of the few implementations I can type without going reader fatigue…
    Love your insight…given me great direction

  17. Great video! Having a good social media presence is so important, especially for small businesses. One really helpful tool I use to make video ads for social media is Promo. Definitely check it out:

  18. great advice Gary , Im a 3rd generation barber opened in 1926 by my grandfather
    i opened a barber school 10 years ago and now it feeds my business with new employees .how do i take this school and barber shop to the next level

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