SharePoint Part 7 – Gathering and analyzing data

SharePoint Part 7 – Gathering and analyzing data

welcome to instant efficiency series in this video we look at how to capture and analyze data using SharePoint Online in office 365 of traditionally we send Excel templates by email to gather data from people too
many files errors due to copy/paste inaccurate data there is a long list of problems now there is a smarter way to capture accurate data using SharePoint the steps
n create a list invite people gather data and analyze SharePoint allows us to collect data in
collections called lists SharePoint provides many predefined
types of lists Like announcements tasks and contacts you can also choose to use a custom list
and specify what data to collect your self 0 data analyst is defined in terms of columns you can
create columns which will contain data of various types
including text number and date you can also marked some columns as
mandatory and create validations to prevent data
entry mistakes now the list is ready for data entry at this point let us look at a very
powerful SharePoint feature you can configure list such that users
can view and edit only items that they themselves have
created these two simple operations ensure that
people cannot see on edit each others data finally invite the people that you need
to collect the data from you can do this by adding them to the
members group on the SharePoint site no the invited
people can visit this list and entered data they can do this through
a form that SharePoint automatically creates
for the list or if they use Internet Explorer and have
Microsoft Access installed on their computers they can
also use the SharePoint datasheet view to enter data each person can view and edit only data
that they have entered they cannot see each other’s data
whenever you log in because you are the owner of the
sate you get to see all the data no more copy paste now you need to analyze the data export
to Excel and use Pivots charts conditional
formatting et cetera just in you created a list gather data and analyzed it without knowing any
programming or talking to IT this is all SharePoint puts you in
control why don’t you try this and let us know your feedback thank you in

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