Running a Small Screen Printing Business at Home Vlog 2

Running a Small Screen Printing Business at Home Vlog 2

What’s up everybody its Matt with Mikey
Designs and welcome to another edition of a video still trying to figure this
out welcome to another edition of an inside
glimpse as to what it’s like running a screen printing business from home there
I think that works stick around will will show you what we got going on today first things first so time for a little
bit of that coming yeah That moment when you realize you forgot to put coffee in
the coffee maker got a little bit more manly of a coffee cup today now we got
some coffee going let’s open up the show time for that daily commute don’t miss
traffic jams that’s for sure hey check this out it’s a shop gnomes apron it’s
pretty awesome isn’t it ah that’s more like it
sure it’s pretty out today on the agenda today we’ve got a client coming over to
pick up this piece of film so they can screen print on some latex balloons
which is pretty cool have to show you a quick video that the stairs to the
office and the office view it’s a pretty good life can’t complain alright now
that I’ve had a little bit of time to kind of collect my thoughts put together
to-do lists dodged a digitizers phone call from
overseas probably about 20 times looks like what we have on the agenda today is
need to separate a bunch of artwork for a few clients follow up with the client
let her know the status of her order we have some embroidery projects out
because we we outsource those but you know we we kind of
for what kind of we do offer embroidery allows us to do shirts and embroidery
for our clients we don’t really make a ton of money off of it but it allows
them to just come to us for for all their needs got a bunch of screens to
wash out and and coat and expose gonna check up on some shipping make sure
people got there got their product and just want to follow up see if they’re
happy with them and then I’m gonna get the shop gnome working on some blog
material and I’ve been working on a new website design I’m gonna work on that a
little bit while the screens are drying coating them you know how long that
process is if you don’t out there you’re about to find out and then we’re gonna
print some tees later later today and so it’s gonna be a pretty busy day stick
around we’ll we’ll show you well give you a glimpse as to what it’s like time
to do some steps we’ve got our separations all finished
I’ve got film printing out I’m gonna let this do its thing and time to wash out
some screens hmm this part always takes a while here the pick up your film it’s
yes it’s quite the drive come back tomorrow well you have a good one all
right so that’s another thing taken care of Cynthia came and picked up her film a
little backstory on her it was the company I worked for or for 14 or 15
years before I started screen printing full-time and they’re really good people
small family-owned business and I was the art director there and I did all
their packaging artwork there their website design their sells collateral
but I did a lot of filing with the which is all the copyright and
patent website official government website and man it’s it’s been a
blessing having them as a clients I said more my wife regularly so I have to show
you their operation one of these days I think I still have a video of their one
of their screen it they screen for it on balloons that’s one of the reasons I
decided to get into screen printing is I knew how to do it a lot of stuff was
just simple one color stuff but let me see if I can find that video it’s kind
of cool all right we got our separations done I
know what mesh screens I need I have them pulled aside now it’s time to
reclaim screens my favorite part of the whole process it’s probably yours too
let’s go oh yeah yeah starting to pick up now so
they had a good after oh yeah yeah so that and you know the holidays and all
that schools and churches we do a lot of business with them and so you know
everybody’s getting back at it and putting their orders in so yeah all
right have a good one that was our UPS guy he’s really cool I
was gonna get him on camera but yeah maybe that’s that all right now that we have our screens
all washed out it’s time to drop off some hoodies for embroidery but first I
need to make myself look a little more presentable good to go now okay so we’re back from picking up the
hats they look pretty awesome I think our clients will be happy with
them and now it’s time to coat some screens let’s do it yummy look like a creamsicle all right our screens are all coded time
to go back to the office okay and we are back I’m in the office screens are coded
while they are drying what I’m going to go ahead and do is work on revamping our
website it’s something I’ve been working on for for quite some time I think it’s
looking really great so once we’re finished with it I’ll show you the the
end product and it would be great to get your feedback and let us know what you
think about it all so I’m going to go ahead and do some video editing I’ve
recorded some tutorials as well as some video logs that way we can continue to
help you guys in your your own excursion into starting your own screen printing
business I hope these videos are really helping
and so stick around we’re going to expose some screens and we’re gonna put
some t-shirts give you a little bit more of a glimpse into what it’s like running
your own screen printing business so stick around I almost forgot there are
some there’s been two really cool things that that have come up here recently
three things really so one of the things is today wallows in the middle of
washing out screens I was contacted by a manufacturer of plastics all screen
printing ink I’m trying to think of where they’re at it
I believe Nashville Tennessee or I’ll share it with you I’m probably not right
but they are a plus saw ink manufacturer and they make an all-in-one ink that can
be used for cotton again be used for 5050 and polyester 1:1 ink for all of
them and I thought that was really cool because one of the difficulties for
probably any shop manual shop like ours is using polyester ink it tends to be
like peanut butter if any of you guys out there
have used poly ink for printing on 100% polyester it’s really thick and so it’s
kind of hard to work with they said it was really creamy easy to work with
die die migration is an issue so they’re gonna they’re gonna send us a sample and
I’m going to take that sample and do a an unbiased review what I think about it
and if it works out great we’re we’re gonna do some test prints run them
through the dryer wash them see how it holds up and if we’re happy with it
we’ll let you know our results but we’re gonna share that with you all so it’s a
couple things that have just randomly come up is a because we do mark it on
YouTube we’ve had a publication and we’ll share that with you here in the
future but a publication came to us and they’re gonna put us in their magazine
and I think that’s really cool they’re they’ve been asking about marketing on
on YouTube so hey guys out there if if you are a small business owner marketing
on YouTube is a great thing it will it’s brought us new clients it’s we’re gonna
be featured in a screen printing magazine I’ll disclose who they are once
it’s published and then also here locally in Houston a-another it’s not a
magazine it’s kind of trying to think about what they really are but they
basically kind of feature small time mom and pop artists just that are part of
the Houston community not not these big corporations they don’t feature any of
those type of companies but it’s little guys like us and so they they want to
feature an article about us and so we we’ve taken our time to reply back to to
both of these these publications and we’re really excited about it we’re
gonna share that with you as well okay enough don’t with that list let’s
get back to it all right everybody it’s that time of the day to expose some
screens I have my film output these are I’ve kind of separated them
into two separate sections these are my films for color these are for my white
basis or white prints only and so I have mine I’m using 230 mesh for color and
then a variation between 200 and 156 mesh for white for doing white basis and
then white tops we got the exposure unit all nice and cleaned up let’s expose
some screens alright now that our screens are exposed
we’re gonna put them outside in the Sun so they’ll dry a little quicker let’s do
it oh and setting them out in the Sun not
only helps dry them quicker but it also posts hardens to them little tip all
right now it’s time to set the press and print some t-shirts next we have our
each set aside that we’re going to use for these three jobs and I have a couple
squeegees clean as you can see there’s a there’s a lot of squeegees that I’ll
leave certain colors on because we use them often alright guys that’s about it for the day
we got two out of three orders taken care of one of them’s for a friend of
ours and they can wait until tomorrow they’re more than happy to and we’re
going to ship out the two orders that we we took care of I would have liked to
shown you this order but hey it’s my understanding that sometimes you show
off who your clients are out there people will go after them but we got a
lot done today and so I’m gonna go back up to the office continue working on the
website some of these videos and in the meantime I hope you guys enjoyed this
video like subscribe click the like button subscribing all that good stuff
share it with your friends that way we can continue to do these videos for you
y’all have a good one peace you

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  1. Hey guys! Check out our next vlog. Let us know what you think. These videos take quite a bit of time to record and edit during our daily work flow. If you're liking these, give them a thumbs up, subscribe, and share so we can continue to make these videos.

  2. hey mikey, thx for sharing some of your life with us! i had to laugh so much and your home is like mine, in the garage the screen printing in the office epson stylus, imac, midi keyboard, speakers (maybe a mpc or some guitar sticking around?). i wish i could live on screenprinting as well! tripod would be great next time!

  3. Cool video man! I just started a series on my channel about running a small print shop myself. Check it out when you can. #subscribed

  4. Mikey Designs & Silk Screen

    Hello mate …hope you are ALL well…I mustn't forget Apollo 🙂
    As I have mentioned mate I am trying really hard to find the courage…and money.. to start up screen printing ..from home.
    What I wanted to ask you …one of many things…Is where can I safely cut corners…the right corners…to initially save money on equipment.
    What items are essential to the quality of the end result …what items can I make myself…Im pretty handy so thats not an issue.
    Im thinking essential Items are the press obviously (Im not making a wooden press sorry lol) the Flash drier….software etc.
    But hat about a screen drier….and a screen exposure unit….found this on here for the exposure unit I think Id be happier building this that using a work lamp on a stand …but what do you think?
    and my last question for now is this… how does a drying cabinet work ….is it just air flow…so a fan ….or is there heat involved …should I fit a dehumidifier ?….do you know of a good build video …I cant find anything brilliant.
    Sorry one last question….what do you think about or know about the BBC Afford A Flash flash drier ? or can you suggest another ?
    I am obviously looking at used equipment ..places like Screen Print World have some stuff….but not always the bits I would snap up.
    Anyway…I will let you go …youre no doubt busy.
    Thank you

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