Running a Screen Printing Business at Home Vlog 7

Running a Screen Printing Business at Home Vlog 7

What is up everybody Matt with Mikey
Designs here and welcome to in addition of running your screen printing business
at home we’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us so we’re filming this on the
weekend I’m showing you what this weekend will bring us it may be a
two-parter so stick around guys we’ll show you what we got going on hey
welcome back gang so this weekend is going to be a really busy weekend and
I’ll show you why these are the orders that we do have completed we completed
them yesterday and then this lovely stack of boxes as everything we need to
get accomplished by the middle to mid late next week we got an order for 300
shirts that is it’s a white underbase with CMYK printing on top of it we’ve
got an order for a hundred shirts that is a white base with blue on black
t-shirts on the front and back we have an order that has to be due by Wednesday
for a competition including embroidery but we have something due for one of our
good clients at a church they place an order two separate orders for one 400
one for 75 and I’m looking at probably doing close to 30 screens production
wise it’s going to be really heavy here are the screens that I do have ready at
the moment we ran the GSG yesterday because a lot of my screens were just
had tears in them and we’re going bad and we have probably a good 50 screens
this whole section here we took our bad screens completely cut out all of the
mesh as you can see here out of about 13 screens
and yes she does happen to have an exchange program so we got a bunch of
new screams with fresh mesh on them so that will definitely be a big help in
getting a lot of these screens going pretty quickly I went through and re
organized my screens and what I mean by that is I put basically just a fresh
coat of Sharpie on it letting me know what’s what because we’re gonna be going
through these pretty quickly as you can see I still probably have about six
screens that I couldn’t take in but they have jobs on them and what I mean by
that is let’s see if I can find one that’s a good example there we go a
little bit of a tear up there not too big of a deal but hey that’s just part
of the business if we get any busier and this keeps up we’re quickly going to run
out of room for all of our boxes and it may just be time to get a shop who knows
maybe having a physical location will bring in new clients as well maybe it
will kind of validate us as professionals too so it’s something
that’s kind of been gears have been turning in my head I had a client come
in early this morning to drop shirts off we actually were up to about 4:30 last
night printing shirts and it’s probably about 1:30 two o’clock got a client
coming to pick up the small-batch shirts in the bag and he hasn’t shown up yet so
I’m gonna go ahead and get up to the office and start doing some separations
so let’s go okay so we’re up in the office and I
have a lot of film to print out a few these jobs are already separated out so
I’m just gonna spit those out as fastly as this printer can crank them out which
isn’t super fast I’ve got a few more things to separate I’m gonna kick those
out and then we’re gonna coat some screens actually no take that back we’re
gonna do some printing Zenko some screens
what are these films take so long one of these days we’ll get a laser printer so
it just spits them out like a copier one of these days okay we got our film
printed got some more film over here that back on there that took care of now
we’re gonna go into the shop and start working on some of these jobs okay we
got the press all set up and registered now it’s time to print some t-shirts okay it’s getting dark out we got the
front side of this job finished rest ring up the back side here’s our stack
of shirts we’re going to get going on this back sides of shirts okay we got that order all finished wish
I could have shown you more of the back but don’t want to give away who the
client is and I don’t really feel like you’ve made a whole life on this pile
out going crap to do still so we got a lot more work to do which is why I’m
going to get to degreasing some of these new screens so stick around for I’m
about Duke all right guys we got our assortment of screens all set aside you got some 195s
to 30s and a single 156 so I’m gonna go ahead and degrease these things in the
washout booth all right guys got my degreaser right here I’m gonna
use a water hose and the power washer to degrease the living dog duty these
things get them nice and clean I’m gonna let them dry they’re gonna come back and
coat them fYI should always degrease your new
screams all right gang the screens are drying
downstairs we’ll beat I need to take a little bit of downtime was up till 4:30
last night woke up at 8 o’clock so a client could
come and drop shirts off our client that was supposed to come pick shirts up
eventually they’d come pick their shirts up and have taken phone calls today
getting quotes on just a handful of shirts that will be heat press type
stuff and just really kind of been busting my butt and I’m feeling I’m
feeling a little white so Shannon the shop gnome and I are working on some
dinner and I think I’m gonna call it a night
I’m still going to record me cutting the screens and exposing everything but I’ll
include that in tomorrow’s posts thanks for tuning in guys are really
appreciated thanks we’re kind of hanging out with me for the evening the day be
sure to subscribe like ding the bells that way you get notifications next time
we upload our next video until then we’ll see you next time outro picture of
a unicorn my daughter drew

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  1. Matt do you run a filtration system for your washout? Looking for tips on a DIY system… heard people talk about using a sump pump, etc. but if you got any detailed info lemme know!

  2. Thanks for watching our home screen printing business vlogs! Be sure to check out the rest to see our progression!

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