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100 Replies to “Nail salon employee takes out gun during argument”

  1. I do my own Nails after I had the experience of going into nail salon asking for a manicure And a pedicure I was told it was going to be a hour and a half I have no problem with waiting but it was the tone in her voice and the nastiness in her voice I went to Walgreens I got me a whole nail kit set every since I've saved a lot of money these people are nasty towards black people when s*** don't go their way and what I went through that day was uncalled for and I told her and so many words thank you very much I can see my money's not wanted here and I walked out I don't have time for this b***** and by the way I had not wore nail polish in over six years so imagine going into a business and the attitude was already nasty and not counting she only had two customers.

  2. Some time the customer finished services . They' re don't pay? It's crazy ! That' s why the nail shop need have guns to protect themselves . Before my nail shop had the same problem! When we finished our services, the black lady , she didn' t pay! We called the police. They came and let them gone. We lost $200 . It's not fair for us , for another nail shop. That' s why we have guns , good for every nail shop , who's protect us? Police? The police let them go! Who's ?

  3. So now whatcha gonna do?! Keep going to their restaurants? Keep buying from the Beauty Supply Stores? Keep patronizing their nail salons? Keep buying products Made In their country? Wake up yall. They really dont care about you smdh

  4. Really, his punk azz pulls a gun on a woman about some polish……he needs to he shot in his azz……punkazz rice fuk

  5. Our black women need to stop giving these muthafuckers money and open up our own shops. Stop giving them your money beautiful black Queens that's just all to it.

  6. These nail salons are like the Wild West. If you've never been to one, trust me, you need to go. You'll see at least one altercation.

  7. Yeah let’s pull out a gun in a salon with a bunch of people around over an argument, that from my eyes wasn’t physical what so ever. Yes you need to defend yourself but we have to stop thinking it’s acceptable to pull out a gun over every situation. And y’all wonder why all these children are bringing guns to schools. It’s examples like this!


  9. He pulled a gun on a woman customer!! That’s assault with a deadly weapon!! Man his life wasn’t in danger. Why is he not behind bars? What’s wrong with this world.

  10. Ppl can't wait to make something a race issue. It's about a situation that got completely out of hand, and yet they have to bring the color out. Smh.

  11. It is always the black people who get the story first, which is exactly what people of low cultural values

  12. it was so stupid for that man to pull out his gun; the situation didn't warrant it; he didn't seem ready to use it anyway; no common sense; real man use brain to solve a crisis not gun. I get my nails done regularly and yes I had witnessed customers who came in with the intention of not paying from the moment they walked in….had all kind of fancy nail works done then became very vocal voicing their disappointment with the services…they were loud, obnoxious, and behaving like a thug. Sadly, the 3 instances I saw…they all got away with not paying. That is the reason why situations like this keep on happening: trashy women wanted to look classy but failed to remove their ghetto in them first so they ended up becoming a dishonest trashy woman.

  13. she said we called the police because the lady wanted to fight with him. did i miss something?? oh so that wasn't a gun, it was a cell phone shaped like a gun.. gotcha. ok

  14. Ut o , another nail salon acting stupid , SHUT THEM DOWN !!!!! Don't care what you argue about , wimpy man with gun $HUT THEM DOWN $$$$$$$$

  15. Don't care if these dumb black women get shot….they want to keep giving these Asians their money… deal with the violence

  16. This situation could’ve happened anywhere at anytime. Restaurants, Grocery Stores, dog parks etc. The problem is if a person is intimidated by you anything could happen.

  17. He bought gun from Blk guy, want to use on Blk people.. it karma..that’s girl must be really (????)makes him wanna pop her at the spot!!

  18. Nail tech? This is a waste of money. I don't go to these salons.
    Do your own. Nail polish is very toxic…

  19. Stop supporting these people let him go back to China so they can continue to eat dogs cats and rats ..we are making sure they live good off of our backs ..stop it my people !!!!
    I don't go to them mofos for nothing..they don't touch no part of my body.

  20. He felt privileged like the Caucasian community over a African American. He felt if he shot her that the stand your ground law would cover him though the woman was defenseless other than having a verbal response. Had that been a white female customer, he never would have pulled out a weapon. They take our money and have no respect for the black community. If we complain about the service most of them will not make an adjustment and want full price. That's simply not good business practices. Sad to say most of us will go back.

  21. Black woman it's not hard to do your own nails or your feet just do some research how to do and what to use and a little practice you got it …plz stop supporting them and spending your hard earn money you can do it for cheaper 😉

  22. I will say this again, some black people ain got no sense. They ain gah stop going around these type of beings until they are officially killed. Until then continue in stupidity, I have no pity for gluttons

  23. Does anyone know if this waste of sperm is in prison? Lol he probably fled the country. I am actually glad they are trying to tighten up on immigration. These salons are toxic.

  24. This is so pathetic. Like we are literally witnessing someone so bitchmade that he pulled a gun to handle a situation. A whole coward.

  25. My black brothers & sisters stop supporting Asian businesses. How abt we start building our own and support each other?! 💁🏾‍♀️

  26. I wouldn't have pulled out a gun but I can see why he's angry but Lord to that extent.. some people have very rough feet and if I would have taken 2 hours scrubbing, massaging, cleaning, exfoliating, and so on and when I'm just about done you decide you don't like the color you picked to begin with and now want glitter omg I would be pissed but I'd probably just ask for more money idk this guy crazy.. I hope they found him and she pressed charges..

  27. This is absolutely pathetic. How can these salons accept these beautiful women and men of colour who seem to be the most targeted and all the while of smiling and taking their money the owner or employee has feelings of willingness and preparedness to assault the paying customer. If a person is not satisfied with the service they should be able to communicate it and not be hit or assaulted or possibly murdered. Where is the professionalism and courtesy? What is happening? This is a service industry.

  28. We need to stop patronizing these mfs……if anyone knows of any black owned nail shops in Riverside County in California please let me know. I saw a vid on you tube them fighting customer and now this LUNATIC pulling out a firearm? ENOUGH…already

  29. The last time Glitter cause such a ruckus was 2001, when Mariah debuted her masterpiece. It was the Star Is Born of her time.

  30. Sorry but you guys dont kno what they are dealing with everyday at a nails shop. You dont own a business. you dont kno nothing. They said customers always right. Maybe to some but not all of them are right.

  31. Carry gun protect business is ok , but isn't necessary pull out the gun to client unless she use weapon attack him.

  32. He might think he was too weak to deal with a woman. That was why he pulled out his gun. Stupid man!! 🤬

  33. He pulled out the gun on a female
    Wait a minute why he leave if he got his gun and carrying on his hip . he should be legal. 🤔🤔🤔 don't hide now

  34. The Korean liquor store owners deal with black male thieves with guns. The Vietnamese nail store owners deal with black female thieves with guns. There are some common points in both scenarios.

  35. hey he learn from the best, the wild wild west. if at any time you have issue with someone just pull out your gun. the great american dream.. carry your gun anywhere. seriously they need to do something about their guns problem in the US.

  36. Did I miss something—The guy had left before police got there so nothing can be done?? Women, we are not looking at your nails !! geez

  37. What if she called someone and they came up there with an bigger gun and then what, he needs to be more careful who he do that to because the next time he does that he might not be able to run he's gonna get it right there on the spot.

  38. That punk looks ignorant as hell, only time that gun should come out is if a customer or someone else pulls one out.

    He looked ridiculous.

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