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A newsletter can cover any topic under the sun. If you have a flair for writing and expertise in one niche, you have a great opportunity to start a home business writing a newsletter that can inform, entertain your readers while bringing in cash for you. Unlike a print newsletter, an email newsletter needs practically no upfront investment because all you need is a computer, an email id and internet connection to get it out to the audience. How can I make money with my newsletter? Let’s assume that you are a finance whiz and you have just started a newsletter for young professionals looking to manage their money wisely. Businesses that offer financial products, such as deposits, insurance, loans or mortgages, retirement planning accounts etc can reach out to your audience by placing their ads in your newsletter. The bigger your audience, the more ads you are likely to have in your newsletter and the more money you earn from these. Once you establish yourself as a valuable information source, you can move on to a subscription model and get your readers to pay for your newsletter as well. The legal considerations You start by registering your business in your city or country (check business.gov to know more) with the name you have chosen.

You need to obtain a vendor’s license for the newsletter so that you can collect sales tax on your readers who are residents of your state. Turning out a newsletter that readers will love The most important thing is to always focus on offering value to your readers. Your newsletter should not simply be a rehash of the daily news; it should give them something unique and something that they will find really useful in some way. A good starting point is to find out the major goals of your readers and to address those consistently via your newsletter articles. For example, for the financial newsletter you can have articles about the best retirement savings plans to choose, about household budgeting, about managing credit card dues etc that will help your young readers benefit financially in different ways. Writing in simple language, with a breezy style that makes reading a pleasure, is another good way to capture and hold audiences. At all times, remember that keeping your readers happy is your priority, not getting more ads or making more money. Ensure that you satisfy your readers and everything else falls into place. When you select the ads that go with your article, make sure that they are relevant and contextually appropriate to the newsletter.

Otherwise, you indicate to your audience that profit making is your primary goal instead of giving them information they can use. This could erode your reputation and your readership in one fell swoop. To market your newsletter, use colorful, eye catching brochures that quickly tell the reader what they can expect to gain from your newsletter. Include a sample copy along with the brochure. Advertise limited time discounts or freebies on subscriptions. Place an ad about your newsletter in publications that cover the same niche as your newsletter. Check if you can put up ads at establishments that sell merchandise in the same niche. For example, if you have a newsletter about fashion, see if you can advertise at local boutiques or wholesale clothes retailers in your neighborhood. Get them to pass out fliers about your newsletter to shoppers.


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