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Assisting Seniors

Assisting Senior Citizens Old age brings with it some unique challenges and these can make life really difficult for elders. Statistics show that by 2050, over 20% of the U.S. population may comprise of citizens over the age of 65. The ratio of working people to support seniors is badly skewed and it is expected to grow worse as fewer workers are earning to support elders. This means that the working family members do not have the option to quit their jobs to care for the elder because they have to earn to manage the latter’s living and medical expenses as well. Another factor to consider is this. A census report indicated that since the 1920s the percentage of Americans who live by themselves has steadily been increasing. In 2013 it stood at 27%, a big change from the 5% of the 1920s era. In large urban areas, there are more seniors living alone, numbers show.

Whether they prefer their solitude or circumstances force them to live alone, a good many of these elders may need help getting things done. Set up your home business providing assistance to senior citizens and you can have a very rewarding career both in the financial and emotional sense. Even simple everyday tasks that we carry out without a thought can present a tough challenge to someone who is age impaired. For elders suffering from disabilities, the problem just multiples manifold. Here is where you step in to lend a much needed helping hand. Who are your clients? You may think that the elders may have children or other family members to care for them but this is not always the case. There are many who find it impossible to care for parents who live far away in suburban areas because of the distance and logistics challenges. Others may not be able to live close enough to their elderly dependents because their career demands do not permit it. These caretakers may be willing to hire out someone to assist their parents when they are unable to do it themselves.

There are elders who do not have any relatives to depend on and there are the folks who prefer to remain independent, which means they would rather hire someone to do their tasks than rely on family members. Every single one of these seniors is a potential client for you. What kind of assistance can you provide? Daily tasks: Many elderly people need help getting the simple household tasks done because of the physical strain it involves. This can include cleaning, laundry, gardening, grocery shopping, paying bills, pet walking etc. You can list out the kind of services that you are willing to provide along with your price list (by the hour or per task) to make it easier for folks to quickly work out how affordable you are. Help with doctor’s visits: Assistance for elders with medical conditions is another highly rewarding job that helps you really make a big difference to your clients. There are many elders who need to make regular visits to their physicians for check -ups or reviews. You can drive them down, accompany them to the doctor, understand the doctor’s instructions and communicate it to the caretakers or write it down for the elder making it easy for them to follow instructions.

If you are doing this kind of senior assistance, make sure you do not take on tasks that require medical qualifications unless you are trained and certified to do them. Companionship: Another unusual task that you can take up, especially if you like spending time with people, is offering companionship. There are many elders who have no one talk to. They suffer from loneliness and this is medically proven to exacerbate conditions like dementia or depression. A companion can help keep the elder engaged mentally through the day so that such ailments do not progress very rapidly. Even elders in perfect health may love to have someone they can talk to and share their ideas with, just to improve their quality of life. The kind of services you can offer with senior citizen assistance are limitless. The only thing that is common to all of them is that they are all uniformly rewarding. So, if you would like to do something meaningful and earn money doing it, this is a great job option.


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