Employee Life Cycle – a musical skit || Technotsav’17 || skit for corporate

Employee Life Cycle – a musical skit || Technotsav’17 || skit for corporate

HDFC Bank Annual function – Technotsav’17
===Musical skit – Employee life cycle===Present day – Mr. DK bose recives Best Employee of the year award Life Rewind – Back in time College life College Campus Placement Selected in Campus placement First Day in Office First meeting with line manager One week Orientation (Swagat training) Office Cafeteria First Crush in Office First Salary Coordination in office with different teams to get the work done Employee frustration due to work load First Appraisal meeting with line manager Appriasals announced Demotivated employee after appraisal Manager consoling employee Manager motivating employee to achieve bigger goal Motivated employee working in office Getting work done by request, warning, escalation Employee’s gratitude towards manager for guidance provided Manager praising employee for good work Present day – Finally Mr. DK bose recieved best employee of the year award The End

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11 Replies to “Employee Life Cycle – a musical skit || Technotsav’17 || skit for corporate”

  1. Fabulous fantastic and amazing award wining performance
    I can watch it more 10000 times
    Hats off to all performers wonderful!!!

  2. Can you pls send the original audio and video file to us , we are looking to play a similar one

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