Cleveland Home Office Remodel

Cleveland Home Office Remodel

Are you looking to make your home
office more functional and organized? In this week’s Style Notes Video Short we’ll
show you how Store with Style helped some ’empty nesters’ in the Cleveland area transform
their converted bedroom home office into a more organized area so they could better run their home business. This home office renovation involved much more
than installing custom desks and cabinets. Over the course of a day and a half, the Store With
Style team removed the old desks, cabinets, and other furniture that was being used in the area;
removed old carpet and installed new wood flooring; painted the walls a mature solid color to replace
the previous blue sky and puffy white clouds mural and they removed old baseboards and trim so they could
install new trim that was a better fit for the improved decor. So the couple got a completely remodeled room
plus some awesome desks, cabinets, and shelving! Let’s watch as the installation crew installs them! Want to see more of this home office remodel;
as well as some of our other projects? Visit our blog for more on this and other jobs we’ve
done in the Cleveland area

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