Boss & Employee Play Fear Pong (Brit vs. Dheyvi) | Fear Pong | Cut

Boss & Employee Play Fear Pong (Brit vs. Dheyvi) | Fear Pong | Cut

– You ready? – Don’t hit me hard. – Are you ready?
– I’m so afraid. – Would this face do anything to you? – Yes. – That you wouldn’t like? (dramatic music) – I’m Devhi. – I’m Brit. – I am head of design at Substantial. – And I’m a senior product
designer at Substantial. – [Man] Who’s the boss? – Yo soy. (laughs) – She’s the boss. – [Man] Excited to be here? – Oh yeah. A little nervous. – [Man] I mean, why? Why did you decide to do this? – She asked me and I said yes. (both laugh) – [Man] Before or after you
saw some previous videos? – Before, actually. (both laugh) She’s like, “There’s this thing. You should do it with me.” And I was like, “Okay, I trust you.” – Alright. Fuck. Can I cuss? – [Man] I mean, ask your boss. – We’re outside work. Yes. (laughs) – Oh, fuck. Crack a raw egg in your underpants for every time you’ve been late to work in the past month. Define- – Late?
– Late. – Yeah. (laughs) End up with like a whole
dozen eggs in your pants. (Devhi laughs) – You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I’m just gonna fucking drink. The crisp taste of Rainier. (grunts) – [Devhi] Just love it. – Okay. Fucker. Oh, God. (everyone cheers) – Let your employee massage your face with their feet for one minute. (Brit laughs) Are we talking socks on or off? – [Man] Socks off. – Okay, I hate both massages and feet, but I’m gonna let you do this. (both laugh) – I hope they don’t smell. (sniffs) – You’re making me want
to back out right now. (Devhi laughs) – Oh, this is so awkward. You’re pretty good at this. (everyone laughs) – [Man] Three, two, one. Good job. (crew claps) – Is there any dirt on my face? Is it clear?
– What do you think? Like, I just went through mud? (Devhi laughs) – For the rest of the
game, assume a deep squat whenever your opponent aims for your cups. Grunt like you’re taking a
fatty shit as they throw. (both laugh) Drink if you forget. I already know I’m gonna forget to do this every single time, so I’m just gonna drink. (Brit grunts) – Oh, that was beautiful. – Yeah, I know. (laughs) – And it’s got hair on it. Pretend to make love to someone in, oh God, in slow motion for one minute, but as your boss. That’s really uncomfortable. – Is that HR appropriate? (laughs) Is it kind of a base
rule if you have to ask? It’s probably a sign. (laughs) – Let’s find out. – [HR Director] Hey, what’s up? – So, one of the dares, it’s asking me to pretend
to make love to someone in slow motion for one minute, but as your boss. – [HR Director] Well, I’m so sorry. I’m actually at a wedding,
so I have to go soon. But I mean, I feel like
if you have to ask, you probably know the answer. (both laugh) – Okay, I’m sorry, dude. Alright thanks, bye.
– Okay, bye. – Bye. You nailed that. – So, we have to ask. – You nailed that. I’m gonna puss out. Yeah, I’m gonna puss out. You know, real talk. I’m gonna tell you something. I had a dream about you one night. Not me and you, you and somebody else. And I was in the room when it happened. And I literally, in my
dream, was like, “Nope”. (Devhi laughs) And just walked out. – What was the rest of the dream? (laughs) – [Man] Who was she with? – I don’t know. Someone random. It was like, you were shooting porn. It was weird. – Thanks. (laughs) – Fucker. On speaker phone, call a coworker and talk shit about your boss. Oh yeah, done. – Wait, we just did that. – No, we’re gonna do it again. Oh, God, this is dangerous. – I can face the other way. Watch me turn.
– No, not for me ’cause it’s obvious that I’m not joking and I’m hoping that the other person understands that I’m joking. – Oh. Oh.
– That’s why it’s dangerous. – Well, I’ll find out if
people really feel bad. – [Tony] Hello. – Hey, Tony. Can we talk about something? Something’s really, really
bothering me right now. – [Tony] Oh my God, girl. What’s up? – You know Devhi, she straight up told me that I’m a bad designer. – [Tony] I mean, she’s
been gunning for you for a long time, so this
doesn’t really surprise me. Yeah, it’s a problem. – It is a problem. I’m sorry, I’m crying right now. I’m sorry. – [Tony] Oh, honey it’s okay. If I was there, I would hug you. Let’s just hug it out and yeah. We’ll talk about next steps. – Okay, thanks buddy. (crew claps) – What? Hug it out, hug it out. – Fuck, they are going wild. – Yes.
– Goddamn it. Let your boss give you a makeover. (Devhi gasps) Alright. – Yes. (laughs) I’m so excited. – I know you are. – Did you ever watch that cartoon Jem? – You know, when I was like four. – Yeah, we’re gonna go for that. (Devhi laughs) I’m putting lipstick on you. (laughs) – Lipstick’s my fucking favorite. – This is what happens when
we hangout outside of work. (Devhi laughs) – Fuck my life. Oh, what do we got here? What’s happening right now? – You’re being crowned for
your glorious princess-ness. – Oh, God. Oh, God, I’m so ugly, fuck. (all laugh) – Let your employee pie you in the face. – Oh fuck, yes. – What kind of pie is it? Is it like banana cream? Is it whipped cream? Is it apple pie? Can I eat it? – Oh, you’ll eat it alright. Any last words? – Don’t hit me really hard, just- – You ready? – Don’t hit me hard. I’m so afraid.
– Are you ready? – I’m so afraid. – Look at this face. Would this face do anything to you? – Yes. – That you wouldn’t like? – I trust you. (crew claps) You want some? – I’m good, thanks though. (laughs) I love you, Devhi. Look how far that went. Holy shit. (laughs) – This is the last one. – Get the dare. – Go live on Instagram or Facebook and ask your followers if they have any hot tips for constipation. (Brit laughs) Keep asking until more than
10 people are watching. I mean, I like talking about poop. It’s a natural thing. – You should go live on Instagram. – I’m gonna drink it. Oh, I got to get better
’cause I don’t want to do what you want me to do. – Yeah, we have dares up on this. – [Man] What? – Yep.
– Yeah. – We have our own. – [Man] What is it? – She loses, you’re gonna
do a two minute musical in front of the entire company in a dress. – And if I win, Devhi has to lip sync to, you also have to dress like, Dolly Parton, “Nine to Five”
in front of the entire office. – I don’t know that song, though. (Brit sings) I don’t know what any
of this means. (laughs) – Anyway, so we’re just gonna. – Okay. (everyone cheers) Well, I guess we’re doing it. – Waiting for the good pose. Go for it. (crew claps) – That was really amazing. – Yeah, I’m a little
drunk right now. (laughs) – I am, too.

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100 Replies to “Boss & Employee Play Fear Pong (Brit vs. Dheyvi) | Fear Pong | Cut”

  1. I think it was messed up to involve an employee who was just trying to be empathetic and supportive. Now that employee looks a certain way to the boss. I wouldn’t be too happy if I were him.

  2. This is actually how you keep people in line as a boss. Be decent, give them a few healthful outlets for their frustration. This is just a step above letting them make fun of you at the Christmas party. Solid

  3. “We’re outside work”
    I hate ppl like that just say “yes. you can cuss” cause you two ARE “outside work” 😒 -.-

  4. I thought the boss was a man pretending to be a woman. Oops. Boss has broad shoulders and short hair. Her face and voice is what makes her seem like a wahman.

  5. Its always a way more fun video when people do the dares, maybe the boss employee dynamic doesnt work for fear pong cz it made them hold back

  6. we got Julie Cesar on the left and modern pocahontas (i couldnt think of anything else) on the right….who will win? stay tuned for the rest of the game….. (i just had to……sorry, btw no offence)

  7. Drink Drink foot massage rings another boss BYE YOU BORING THE SHIT OUT OF ME. 2:55 is all I’ve got what a stupid episode

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