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48 Replies to “Blog Content Planning (2019)”

  1. I agree…blogging is a pain and I just need to figure out how to make more time for it. Google Trends is awesome!

  2. Love how you pointed out that the content should be relevant to the timing of it. It can be hard to keep up with all the trends but is necessary! And also, find out what works for you is a great tip. You shouldn't hold yourself to a system that works for someone else! Cheers!

  3. Planning ahead is so key! Sometimes I end up posting different things than I had originally planned if I feel inspired, but having that safety net gives me so much peace of mind and consistency!

  4. Wow! Awesome tips for planning content. I am not much of a blogger but I am a youtuber and I can see this being super helpful in this social arena as well! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am a new channel but I have happily subscribed to you as I love your content. Hope you can check out what I am doing too 🙂 Love the bucket idea 🙂

  6. Great video! I can definitely apply a few of these to be more organized with my content planning. Thanks!

  7. I’m working on my buckets… but I have too many and then feel spread too thin 😭 I don’t use Google Trends Yet 😳 I def could do some trends and seasonal video planning. Thanks so much for sharing! Great video 🙌

  8. Great tips!! I definitely need them now that I'm vlogging, thanks for sharing!
    New subbie! Hope we can support each other!

  9. Great video! I will def continue to watch your videos. I am thinking of starting a blog eventually! Thx for sharing!

  10. Great advice! We try to stay as far ahead with our posts as we can manage and two weeks is a great benchmark.

  11. I've definitely fallen behind on my blog because I'm posting more videos to build up Youtube and have a full time job. I need to do better!

  12. Ah great, I always put my blog content off…! Will get back to it. I love your guidance to focus on what works for you.

  13. I really love tip #4 (Make it your own) & tip #5 (post 2 weeks ahead). You are right I did whiteboard and sticker on the wall. It does not work for me, I will try the management system calendar. And yes always be prepared then procrastination ❤️.

  14. You are right, my friend! Blog content planning is a winning strategy if we want to grow! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Just stumbled across ur channel – you've got great charisma! Gotta support other small creators!

  16. I like the "buckets" idea. Everything in my life is kind of organized topically! 😂 I'm kind of obsessed.

  17. First of all you are so beautiful. I love your hair color so much. I'm new to your channel and so interested in your content. Are you a speaker too? I really want to be a speaker and own my own business. I started making steps in that direction. I'm hoping my channel helps grow it.
    I've been encouraged to blog by friends but dont know if I'm there yet. You are so right about making content seasonal when there is a market for it. Yes, Google trends are very helpful. Loved watching this entire video. Thank you loads for this information. I Subscribed and will be checking out your other videos. Nice to meet you. Yes finding what works for you is the biggest thing

  18. These were great ideas!! Loved the bucket idea which makes it super easy. P.S. also love your thumbnails!

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