How Does Multi Level Marketing Work?

Multi Level Marketing

Well, it actually works just like every other business. One three keys: people, product, profits, Mercedes, Pepsi, IBM, Cannondale Bikes, people, product, profit. Now, what makes network marketing unique, what makes MLM work, is it’s people telling people. See in today’s day in age, people are listening less to the big corporations, listening less to advertising, Divoing or Tivoing whatever you call it, fast forwarding through the commercials. But, when someone has a personal experience with a product or a service and shares it with someone else, it’s much more believable.

Now, I say the word share it because most people in network marketing, most people on my networking marketing team. Just so you know, I’ve recruited 400, we’ve grown the organization to 14,000 people. You know, I have customers, partners in 11 countries around the world. So, I’ve learned a lot about network marketing and most people come on board just from the product. I’m in health and wellness; we work in weight loss, fitness, anti-aging, and most people come on board just for the product line. They just want to feel the benefits of the product and then some will tell other people. So in our business, it works kind of like this: hey you look great, what are you doing, well I tried this program if you want I can get you some info. Send them the info, then they can buy the product. Then that person refers it, can actually make a referral fee or commission. Now some people get involved in MLM, in network marketing, just to get the products perfect. No pressure, happy to have you as a customer. Some people want to refer it to a few people, so they get their products for free.

We’ll show you how to get your products for free. Some people want to refer it just to make an couple extra hundred a month, maybe make a car payment. Now, here’s one of the reasons I’m successful in network marketing and teach others like you to be successful in network marketing. It’s no big promises, it’s no we’re going to make a quarter million dollars, it’s no we’re going to make six figures from home, it’s no you’re just going to sign up on the application and we are going to make 10 grand a month. Yes, it’s possible. But we work with probability vs. possibility. If you got a job at Walmart, chances are you’d have an hourly salary. Possibly you can work your way up to the president of the company, Same thing with network marketing. Listen, if we partner up in business together, if we partner up one of the things I’ve wrote in the book is do not guarantee vast sums of money. You know, when you get good you can start talking about percentages. Listen, I know your profession, I know you’re a doctor, I know you’re a cop, I know you’re a teacher, I have a side project, you might be able to add an extra 10, 20 percent to your income, would you be open to that? Talking percentages makes MLM/network marketing much more real. See this is a real business, but most people don’t,. they don’t really understand what it is.

Most people don’t understand what network marketing. Even most people who are in network marketing don’t understand what it is. They don’t understand why MLM works or how MLM works. Here’s how it works: we have a company, the company ships products, and when the products have good results, you don’t have to sell because most people don’t like sales, most people don’t like to be sold. But if their friend, girlfriend to girlfriend, if their friend tells them about a product or experience they like and they buy a product because of the recommendation, that’s how MLM works. But, so some people come on board and they can earn a car payment, some people come on board, they can earn a house payment. Now I have someone on my team, she’s wonderful, I met her on my cruise. We’ve been friends for years, almost ten years. Because we’ve partnered up in business, her residual income from our business partnership pays her mortage.


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