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The growth of online courses has exploded over the last few years. If you have a teaching background, you may want to supplement your current income or strike out completely on your own in this new industry. A survey of the online learning industry has revealed that more than 6.7 million students have enrolled in a minimum of one virtual tutoring course. The growth rate is extremely healthy, even as enrollments in higher education actually suffered a decline. The findings of a relevant study done by Survey of Online Learning include:. More than 6.7 million students took a minimum of one online course, with the number increasing by hundreds of thousands compared to every previous year.. It is estimated that a quarter of students engaged in higher education subscribe to a minimum one online course. Only a small percentage of the higher education institutions are equipped to handle online courses. There are debates among the academic community about the effectiveness of such courses, but there is a belief that the online tutors fills an important learning gap.. More than 70 percent of academic leaders believe that virtual tutoring led learning outcomes are either same or superior compared to physical interaction.

Online tutoring is increasingly accepted as the new normal. Growing the virtual tutoring business Many teachers complain that society does not respect them enough. This is mirrored in their salaries and in the manner the schools are organized. Classes take in more students than ideal and budgets get cut. These are a few of the many reasons why people have started to search for online tutoring opportunities. This is possible by registering on any online tutoring marketplace or by the creation of own virtual tutoring business. Many teachers regard it as a vista to new, untapped world of opportunities. The teacher works only for her or his benefit and also for benefit of students. The intention is to have maximum freedom and flexibility. The professional compromise one must make to work in a professional environment is simply not present. It all sounds good- and they are actually better. Signing up A majority of people starts by registering themselves in one of the many online tutor companies which connects teachers searching for students with those students who are searching for those subject tutors. As a prospective tutor, you simply have to pay a nominal fee. You only have to pay commissions from earnings to the online teacher company from then on.

Do understand that competition is fierce among online teachers for catching students. This is exacerbated by a rating system which a student can fill up marking the skill level of a teacher. This is a major factor as to why it makes more sense for you to be independent. There is a flip side to being independent: you have to market yourself- a prospect which may deter most teaching minded students. Succeeding The skills of a teacher and a marketer are neatly the same. The seller must educate the buyer so that the latter likes the service and willingly pays good money for it. If you have to teach a difficult concept, then you must show your students that a certain value if there to be taught. In case the perceived value is absent, you as a teacher, must create it. In short, there is no requirement to advertise. If students really cared about what you are going to teach, then there is no actual requirement to advertise your wares. The luckiest teachers are those whose students are extremely interested in their course material.


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